Station In Craftsman Residential District

In recent years, the rise of entrepreneurship has been a steady trend for youth all over the world. The idea of starting a business leaves everyone eager to carve out a niche as well as building self-worth. To start a business takes dream, creativity and hard work. It is even more difficult to persevere to win public praise, and a distinguished brand is often the goal for young entrepreneurs. We would like to invite you to our plan on creating an ‘old place, new ambience’, located inside an old dorm room near Downtown Pingtung. Those of you who have the skills, business management concepts, and/or would like to take your business to a new level are welcomed to join us. We will help set the stage towards entrepreneurship and help those in achieving their dreams. We provide 27 spaces and 44 places for set up. Let’s build the foundation of craftsman spirits in Pingtung, together.

As long as there is a dream, anything can come true.We are looking forward to your arrival.

Recruitment Target

Age from 18 to 45 years old.
Certified student who has participated in the activities, lectures, or completion of the certification of the Youth Collage. The applicants whose businesses had completed business registration in Taiwan, met the certain level in professional manufacturing, social innovation, business development potential, financial analysis, team manpower stability, and are approved by the Youth College committee.
Applicants who obtain international or nationwide awards/certifications specializations in the past three years.

Application Requirements

Specialized manufacturing|Creating craftsman specialty product
Themed retail|Specialty brand with distinct setting
Distinguished catering|Catering with personal style
Exhibition art|Perform, produce or logistic teams that customized in promoting featured projects

Spatial Planning and Fees

Access fee will be at least 0.1% of turnover (can also use revenue); Rent NTD$5,000/per month
Team studio Access fee will be at least 0.1% of turnover(can also use revenue); Rent NTD$3,000/per month
Personal studio Access fee will be at least 0.1% of turnover(can also use revenue); Rent NTD$3,000/per month

Recruitment time: Upon Youth College announcement

Selection time : You will receive a confirmation email after you apply
Submission Method : Submit your completed form or document to . If there are any unsettled affair in this notice, we may revised and republished after discussion.
Required Document

  1. Admission application form
  2. Operating plan
  3. An acceptable document as proof of identity
  4. Applicant and team member’s work and academic experience form
  5. Spatial planning
  6. List of equipment and their estimated electricity power consumption plan