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The ultimate of strong outside and soft inside.Laser engraving - only work by special care can we achieve excellence. We are focus on information design service like laser engraving, programming graphic design, 3D printing and MAKER course. With the design, we can add up new possibilities to our life.

Taiwan Pinpu Black Pig

Pingpu black pig. You can taste the sweet taste of pork, see the science and technology of the farmer, hear the good feedback of good quality and feel the best temperature of direct delivery from the farm.

ROAD 1930s

We are a group of teens who love Pingtung very much, so we decided to fund a workshop together. We took local culture in Pingtung as a starting point, and would like to promote local business and develop products that are related to the culture.
In recent years, the rise of entrepreneurship has been a steady trend for youth all over the world. The idea of starting a business leaves everyone eager to carve out a niche as well as building self-worth. To start a business takes dream, creativity and hard work. It is even more difficult to persevere to win public praise, and a distinguished brand is often the goal for young entrepreneurs.
We would like to invite you to our plan on creating an ‘old place, new ambience’, located inside an old dorm room near Downtown Pingtung. Those of you who have the skills, business management concepts, and/or would like to take your business to a new level are welcomed to join us. We will help set the stage towards entrepreneurship and help those in achieving their dreams. We provide 27 spaces and 44 places for set up. Let’s build the foundation of craftsman spirits in Pingtung, together. As long as there is a dream, anything can come true. We are looking forward to your arrival.