The ultimate of strong outside and soft inside.Laser engraving - only work by special care can we achieve excellence. We are focus on information design service like laser engraving, programming graphic design, 3D printing and MAKER course. With the design, we can add up new possibilities to our life.

Laser Engrave Artistry Design / Web system Design

Pinpu Black Pig

Pingpu black pig. You can taste the sweet taste of pork, see the science and technology of the farmer, hear the good feedback of good quality and feel the best temperature of direct delivery from the farm.


We are a group of teens who love Pingtung very much, so we decided to fund a workshop together. We took local culture in Pingtung as a starting point, and would like to promote local business and develop products that are related to the culture.


Recorded your warmth and emotion at that time by the third person. The past can not to be copied or returned, but the classic moment is worth being tasted and memorized again and again.


All potteries are firing in 1230 degree. Our handmade works make life and stories never fade away, everyone is the leading role of their story, and Yang Tao is the carrier.


Loving hands to create life

Driver City

We aim to disrupt tradition. Combining different things with local ways, than added some concept of new generation to make brand new wood crafts.

Akau Coffee

We are a creative brand which is the combination of high quality coffee and French dessert; a collaboration of high quality roasted coffee in Pingtung and famous French dessert brand in Kaohsiung.

Montanacans Taiwan

We are authorized reseller for the German lacquer brand-‘Montana-cans’. We have various selection colors for you. We feature in providing high quality painting. Our lacquer can be used in diverse art design all over the world.


We have operated in Pingtung for 11 years. With the spirit of ‘taking good care of your shoes and bags’, we hope we can extended the usage of shoes and bags to protect our environment.


Enjoy the Best


‘Carpe Diem, Let’s SUGARbISTRO.’ Bring the palm sugar with you to taste life. Let’s taste together.


Our laboratory is operating by Hello Maker education team. We combine entertainment with education, puzzle and creativity in this place.

NUMBER 66 Studio

What is an errand boy?
We sweat while filming
We stay up late to splicing
We record the world
We touched your heart
We offered:
Film commission, equipment rental, lecture, and opus seminar.

Luciamber handmade studio

handmade for your imagination


The fabrics products need to have multiple usages, by mix and match the various types of unique fabrics, it can present distinct aesthetic. With the fineness of handmade product, people can feel the uniqueness of original products.

LouCao Studio

Our inspiration is from our life. Through the entity conversion and the connection with people of accessories, we can find the commonality between human and accessories.

KATA studio

Don’t forget what you wanted in the beginning.


‘Simply taste a not simple tea.’ A hand that rub mulberry leaf, depicting ancient patterns, and baking the fragrance of tea. The ancient tone is about a person who insist to inherited the memory of his father’s love and we need to treat our mother land in a friendly way.

M.M. Food & Photo Studio

“Consuming food” is a daily routine, and “taking photos of food” is a life style. MannMann, a recipe developer & food photographer, tells the stories of food she makes through her photos.

Happiness Studio

We fund this studio to promote aboriginal traditional ancient and Chinese popular song creation. By learning ancient, mother language, knowledge of mountain, life culture in the tribe and combine the element of pop music, we aim to build the confidence of aboriginal culture and let more people know about our music.

Tjucenglav Forum

A group of people from the tribe who are master of farming.
We would like to share our stories with you to make you personally experience the scene of wonderful life in the tribe.

A . S studio


GypsyGirl 瘋土耳其


We are ceramic maker and cat lover, we establish this studio together. We hope anyone who comes to our studio enjoys making ceramic and loves cats. So we can tell each other, me too.


It is my interest to make leather goods, and it becomes my job now. I hope I can assimilate my opus into daily life. We love the texture and the color of old leather that formed a unique look after being use frequently.


Accessories made by brass, dry flower, resin flower, bead, crystal, stone and shell. As bright as the moonlight in the middle of the night.

Art Install

Just as the name of our studio, we are two people who have passion in drawing design. Our main work is wall painting and graphic design. If you read the name from right to left, it means AI, it is the other meaning of the name. We hope we can make good use of our creative idea and technique to assist our design.


ChaoYuan Lantern



studio e′kis

We want a kiss, we need a kiss, we share the kiss.